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We are created by being destroyed.

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Name:Judas Denied
Birthdate:Oct 13
Location:Louisiana, United States of America
I don’t tolerate wank on this journal at all. I tolerate intelligent discussion and debate, but don’t come whining to/at me because you’ve been “triggered” or upset by something I’ve said/done that hurts your speshul snowflake feelings. Or just because you’re an asshat with nothing better to do with your time. I have a mostly open friending policy; you friend me and I will friend you back unless I suspect you're a terminal lurker or a sockpuppet. Also, pestering me to add you back will get you nowhere but banned.

I currently write Supernatural and Hawaii 5-0. I am a shipper although I’m a very open-minded shipper. Meaning, I have my preferred pairings, but occasionally I may deviate from them to try something new. I will also read damn near anything in any fandom so long as it’s a good story. The exceptions to all of that are Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel and most het, which original fiction, actually, has almost completely put me off of at least for the time being. I don’t hate on anyone who enjoys any pairing, slash or het, but they simply aren’t for me. My masterlist of fanfiction is here on LJ (I've not had a chance to move everything over to DW yet).

A bit more about me:

I love music and I don’t mean that lightly—I’m obsessed with it, it’s a huge part of my life and has been since I was an itty bitty girl. You may occasionally find me squeeing about a particular band or even a specific song from time to time. I also like poetry and digital art, you may find poems or art posted here, but those occasions will be extremely rare most likely.

My other love is werewolves. Yes, you read that right, werewolves. I talk about them once in a while and even less frequently, I write stories with them in it. You will find that I hate vampires with a vehemence that’s bordering on a bit unhinged. You will not change my mind on this and I kind of hope Twilight dies a slow, painful death. If any of that is a problem for you then you really don’t need to be here. I feel it’s best to be up front about that. If, however, we can agree to disagree then awesome and perhaps somewhere in there we can find mutual interests/common ground.

I own one Hawaii 5-0 community, [community profile] h50_fic.

All art on this journal; profile & journal headers, background and icons, are by me. They are not shareable unless otherwise stated.
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16 horsepower, 30 seconds to mars, acid bath, agents of oblivion, alcohol, alcoholics, alcoholism, american psycho, animal conservation, anne sexton, anti-twilight, beer, black flag, blood, bloodletting, bobby singer, boondock saints, brent corrigan, broken people, bruises, bunnies, carol ann duffy, castiel, chains, charles bukowski, cheese, chevelle, christian bale, chuck palahniuk, cigarettes, combat boots, danny/steve, david bowie, david sedaris, dax riggs, deadboy and the elephantmen, doberman pinschers, dorian cleavenger, filter, fluffy kittens, gay porn, gay rights, grammar, gumbo, hawaii 5-0, heavy metal, henry rollins, hurricanes, ian somerhalder, imagery, jared leto, jared/jensen, jeffrey dean morgan, john winchester, john/sam, jsquared, junkies, kink, knives, leather, leonard cohen, lettuce, lucifer, luna moths, m.c. escher, masochism, matthew good, matthew good band, megadeth, mental illness, metallica, metaphors, misha collins, mourning cloak butterflies, mumford and sons, my dying bride, obsidian, opals, photoshop, pit bulls, poetry, poison, poisonous plants, pretty boys, psychology, psychopaths, punctuation, rainer maria rilke, rammstein, razor blades, razors, richard siken, ritual scarification, rollins band, roxy music, rps, s&m, sadism, sam/castiel, sam/chuck, sam/dean, sam/john, scalpels, scars, screamers, sex bruises, shannon leto, sherlock bbc, sifting through the madness, skinny puppy, southern food, spelling, stephen king, straight razors, supernatural, sylvia plath, symbolism, t.s. eliot, the cure, the marquis de sade, the smiths, tom petty, tom waits, tomato soup, triscuits, vietnam, vodka, waterboarding, werewolf sex, werewolf slash, werewolves, west highland white terriers, whips, whiskey, world war two, zoology
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